Dear Staff ~ All of You!

There simply are no words for the kindness you have showed my mom, and myself, in the past days. Thank you! Having spent so much time with mom at The Cottages, I appreciate each and every one of you for the work you do. You’re like moms of a big family, dealing with various personalities, all the while coaxing the residents to do what is best for them. You all do this coaxing in such a nice, professional manner. Thank you!

So much is expected of you — caregiving, cooking, cleaning, supervising, being friends with the many personalities, nurses, dietitians and personal assistants to everyone! Thank you!

While I knew this before, spending so much time at The Cottages recently, I was reminded that it takes certain personalities to deal with dementia patients. Not everyone is able to do this. For those of you I’ve recently observed, you do it so well. Thank you!

My mom, living here, has been a wonderful experience, seeing each of you in action these last days has affirmed why this is! Thank you! Thank you for caring so much about each and every resident.

Loving family