Assisted Living

What is Residential Care?

Assisted living facilities combine independent apartment living with supportive, personal, and nursing care.

Tenants have their own apartments which include a private bath and kitchen facilities. Services are tailored to each tenant needs and preferences and are adjusted as needed. Facilities may provide up to 28 hours of service per week and may extend those hours for a 90 day period of time for acute illness or injury.

Assisted living tenants retain control over their personal care, decisions and daily routines but may no longer feel safe living alone. They may be an active participant in the community or may enjoy peaceful relaxation in the privacy of their own apartment. They can live the way they choose.

The state of Wisconsin officially calls these apartments Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCAC) and regulates them only if they accept Medicaid Waiver funds. The administrative code that regulates the care provided by RCAC’s is Chapter HFS 89 (pdf file).

“SUPPORTIVE” care means assistance with tasks which the Tenant cannot perform for him or herself. Supportive services include meals, housekeeping, laundry, arranging for transportation, and arranging access to medical services.

“PERSONAL” care means that direct assistance with activities of daily living including dressing, eating, grooming, bathing, toileting, transferring, and ambulation or mobility.

“NURSING” care means nursing procedures which must be performed by, or supervised by, a Registered Nurse. Some nursing tasks may be delegated by a Registered Nurse to another staff person.

Experience Truly Personalized Care


Over time some Tenants will need more support. This is particularly true when health changes occur or a chronic health condition deteriorates. For this reason, The Cottages also offers added personal support and weekly RN visits.

Some individuals are not completely independent, but not yet in need of the skilled nursing that a nursing home offers and tend to fall into a “gray area”. It is our goal at The Cottages to bridge the gap created by the “gray area” and help these individuals maintain their quality of life.

The Cottages is committed to supporting our Tenants through the normal changes, and unexpected curveballs, that occur with aging. While one Tenant may need one-on-one time with the staff to organize/supervise daily activities or for emotional support to cope with life changes, another Tenant may need staff to assist with personal care services or require medication monitoring. Staff may need to keep track of medical appointments and make sure these appointments are kept or changed as needed. These are the kinds of support that an assisted living facility like The Cottages provides.

The Cottages works closely with outside health agencies to provide additional physical support or nursing needs. All these services are monitored by the staff and management of The Cottages to ensure the Tenants receive the best care available when a health concern arises. These outside companies provide a wide range of services including physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapies in the privacy of the Tenants own apartment. Currently, The Cottages is working with area Clinics and Physicians to provide in-house services.

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