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Assisted Living:

How it can help your parents health

After moving into an assisted living facility you may notice that your loved one’s overall health has improved. This is why:

Social interaction is an essential part of leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Routine social interaction with peer and interest groups, family and friends can reduce a Senior’s risk of depression and increase the overall quality of a Senior’s life. Sharing ones interests and hobbies with others, reminiscing over the virtues of yesteryear and discussing the challenges of today, or simply just having a group of friends can build a vital sense of community and have a dramatic affect on an elderly individual’s attitude and outlook on life.

Sadly, many Seniors view such important social interactions as burdensome for their care givers and not worth the hassle involved in getting to and from them. Low self esteem and the feeling that they can no longer contribute to society all too often drives Seniors to resign to living a lonely and isolated life in their golden years.

Health Benefits:

Your loved one can reap the benefits of a well balanced lifestyle. The onset of depression, related to an elderly person’s withdrawal from social interaction as mobility issues take affect on his or her life, is a serious issue facing our older generation.

Nearly 2 million adults over the age of 65 suffer from depression and the health implications are startling. A Senior with depression is far more likely to become ill than one who leads and active and socially engaged lifestyle. Since illnesses as minor as a common cold can progress into serious conditions such as pneumonia in the elderly, a lack of social interaction must be treated as seriously as other health issues.

The consequences of a Senior’s reclusion in their own home are clearly devastating, but the solution is simple. A focused and deliberate effort to encourage your loved one to socialize can combat depression and mitigate these issues before they become realities. You’ll find this at The Cottages. We offer a full social calendar with several opportunities for all interests and ages.

Assisted Living FAQ

Assisted Living RCAC

The Cottages Assisted Living feature 1 & 2 bedroom residential care apartments in Shawano and Oconto Falls. The Cottages Assisted Living are spacious independent apartments for seniors who desire the safety, convenience, and community of apartment living combined with the best in personalized care.

Can tenants personalize their space?, we do not furnish apartments. We find that the more the apartment looks like home; the more the Tenant enjoys living there and adjusts quickly to their new home.

Can I visit my loved one anytime?, you can.  We do not have visiting hours.  Our facility is an assisted living apartment complex so you are welcome to visit at your convenience.  We do lock our facility for safety at night; however simply ring the doorbell and one of our staff will allow you access to the building to visit.

Can I come eat with my love one?, you can. We simply ask that you inform us 24 hours in advance so we have enough food prepared. Cost for joining for breakfast and lunch is $8 per person and supper is $6 per person.

Is there space for us to have a private meal or gathering?, we have private areas and patios that can be used at any time for small gatherings.

Contact a member of the management team and they will be happy to assist you.  There is no additional cost to use these spaces.

What kind of training does the staff have? staff is trained in-house by specific lead/senior staff members and our Management Team including an RN. We emphasize caring for the person as a whole. This means not only do we train and focus on general care, such as medication assistance and housekeeping but how to enrich and maintain independence in their lives through the aging process. We teach our team to be empathetic and understanding and ask questions when they notice changes in a Tenant. Our staff spend significant time with these lead training staff before they are working on the floor with their team.

Our Medication Management course is approved by the State of Wisconsin with oversight from our RN and annual review by our Pharmacies. Some of our staff are Certified Nursing Assistants, or Home Health Aides. Others just have a passion for helping and we help them use that passion to become an outstanding Cottages Caregiver.

Can we bring things in (food, alcohol, etc)?

Yes, the person’s apartment is their own apartment so food and drinks can be brought in.

Can we bring pets to visit?

Yes, pets are always welcome at The Cottages.  We just ask that they are either leashed or kenneled upon entry or anytime they are in one of our common areas.  In the specific apartments; your pets can roam as you wish them to.  If someone wants to have a pet to live with them; that would be a discussion to have with a member of The Cottages Management Team.

RCAC Amenities

Health and Socialization Programs

Our philosophy is to maximize our tennents free time so that they can experience the things that bring them the most pleasure and stay active in the community. Enjoy the convenience and luxury of:

Three meals daily & Wellness Programs

Transportation coordination to personal appointments

On-site beauty/barber shop*

Relaxation Spa

Live Entertainment

Off site group outings

Tenant Clubs

Cards, arts and crafts, book reviews, menu planning, gardening

Religious Services

Educational seminars and speakers

Inviting library

Shopping and lunch outings

Basic cable TV

All of the mentioned amenities are provided in a truly home-like environment. Our professional staff members are trained to meet our tenants needs with courtesy and respect, and every effort is made to help make the Cottages their new home. Our tenants are welcome to use the grounds to entertain their family and friends.

*Garage parking and beauty/barber shop services are available at an additional cost

Contact us to request info or schedule a tour!

Or call — 866-477-3838

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Contact us to request info or schedule a tour!

Or call — 866-477-3838

Our Mission is to provide assistance with compassion, respect and dignity to our communities older adults.


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