While we may not be able to see our loved ones right now, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected. Skype, Facetime and Zoom are all great ways to keep in touch, but why not make it more fun? Here are 5 ways to stay connected to your loved ones (while social distancing): 

Virtual Games

If you’re looking for activities to do with your friends and family during quarantine, try planning a virtual game night! Video games, card games, board games, the possibilities are endless!


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Last night we had our first games night via Zoom and it worked really quite well . We played Pandemic Legacy season two (just the set-up game so no spoilers) and if you look closely you can see Quizmaster Ben dialling in. . Getting the set-up right took a little while and it needed a bit of ingenuity to get phone cameras in the right places, but once we were underway it was pretty smooth. It wouldn’t work with all games (for anything complex and competitive those not in the room would feel frustrated I think) but for co-op games there’s a lot more scope. . I definitely came away feeling like I’d hung out with a friend and scratched the social contact itch, which has got to be the most important thing at the moment! . I’ll share a few more details of how we went about it via the blog on our website, and we’ll be trying out other games including some party games in the near future and sharing the results - watch this space . #boardgamecafe #boardgames #boardgamesofinstagram #virtualboardgames

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Video Messages

Even in quarantine, it can be difficult to find time to schedule a virtual convo with a loved one. But even a quick video message to say hi can make all the difference to someone. There are plenty of ways to send a video message to someone, Google hangouts, Facebook video call, or even filming a pre-recorded clip and sending it out just to let a loved one know you're thinking of them.


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Family meeting ❤️ #lockdown #quarantine #covi̇d19 #corona #family #love #videomessage #video #funny #chat #meeting #contact #socialdistancing #doneright

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Virtual Activities

While it's nice to see each other’s faces, sometimes, a simple conversation isn't enough. There's nothing like hanging out, playing games and doing activities with the people you love, especially with kids. Luckily, there are activities that can be done virtually. Reading together, playing games, arts and crafts, even baking can still be done over the computer!


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Despite not being able to physically see each other, we’ve had a very grandparent involved day today. This morning my parents did a science activity with the kids (a Maddie Moate video and exercise about teeth) and then read stories to the twins, and this afternoon James’ parents read stories to Sam and then did virtual baking (from a packet, we haven’t completely lost our marbles ). If we play our cards right we might get away with barely parenting at all over Easter weekend . I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that the kids have had a more wholesome day than they ever have when it’s just me and James parenting them during a normal weekend . They’ve definitely enjoyed themselves today anyway! #lockdown #virtualgrandparenting #happykids

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Sending Care Packages

Send a care package to your loved one from quarantine! Fill a gift basket with goodies, games, cards, or your own ideas! Anything to let them know your thinking of them!


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Care packages from our kind family at home, to keep us stocked up on snacks, entertainment and cleaning cloths #day16 #covid19 #bringonthetiddlywinkstourny #isitnearlyoveryet #coronacarepackage

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Making Cards

If you have a loved one that you can’t visit because they’re currently in a nursing home, a good way to keep in touch is to send them cards! You can buy your own cards, or, if you have kids, you can have them make homemade cards and send them through the mail!

Get connected with your loved ones with:

  • Google hangouts
  • Facetime
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Facebook

Or, give them a call at The Cottages:

  • On Golden Pond: 715-526-5166
  • At Meadowlands: 920-848-3458
  • At Lake Park: 715-330-5025