We recently received a note from a family member of a resident at The Cottages Memory Care and were so touched, we simply had to share. We are truly honored by the sincere appreciation of this family and it is our pleasure to serve all those in our care.

Thank You Earth Angels


The Cottages Staff

My Mom arrived at The Cottages Memory Care Center, around Mothers Day in 2016. She knew no one in Shawano and immediately felt comfortable in her new home. Previous to this, she had lived in her own home in Alexandra, Virginia for 55 years. It has been the perfect fit since then. Its important for you to know that my entire family felt this way.

The care Mom received while here, was exceptional. From the first day forward. I need you all to understand the gift each of you has given to my family and many others. That being, Peace of Mind. All the worry went away when Mom arrived here. How do you thank someone adequately for that? I simply dont have the words.

I see all you do, all day, every day. You do it in such a kind, respectful, and amazingly professional way, to each and every resident. Throw in families that live nearby and their requests and you all have a plateful of responsibilities. You cook, you clean, you bathe, you serve, you mentor, you care for a persons most personal needs, you monitor interaction between residents, you entertain (even when you are off the clock sometimes,) you interact in such a glad manner, even when its not always reciprocated, BUT mostly you really care about each and every resident. Wow!

The next time youre driving to work and wish you werent, please know how very much you are appreciated. How very much you are needed! I personally thank you for the tender care shown to my Mom as she lived here and most certainly as she died. I had no idea what the night shift did until I had my sleepover with Mom as she was working on her journey to Heaven. I would not have been able to leave each night had it not been for you Angels.

May God bless each of you that made Moms journey to Heaven easier. I have seen this with each resident that left before Mom. They all died with such dignity. There simply are no words to express my gratitude. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

In addition to your incredible kindness to my Mom, thank you for your kindness to myself and my family members throughout Moms residence here. I cry now thinking of you pulling the lounge chair in so I could sleep beside my mom, not once but twice. Thank you for our plates of food, basket of goodies, offers of drinks, anything really, and for your frequent checks on Mom.

Most of all I thank you for your most precious words spoken to Mom as she lay dying. I know you will continue to say these things to others as well. Please do. It makes the journey easier....

You are the Best! You really are! I pray you know this.

With great admiration,

Loving Family Members