Statement from Cara Peterson, Cottages General Manager

Hello to all our Cottages families, friends and those of who are interested in learning about what we do at The Cottages Assisted Living & Memory Care. During this challenging time of COVID 19, The Cottages has dedicated itself to protecting residents, staff and their families by being properly prepared and trained to face the changes this virus brings to our part of the world.

Rest assured, right now we are stocked with medical PPE and testing kits to rapidly respond to any positive COVID 19 case we would have.  Our dedicated staff has been quick to advise us of any potential exposures in their lives and that has given us comfort knowing they are always thinking of the health of our residents at The Cottages.  If we do have any concerns of exposure, we activate use of KN95 masks which has, to date, been very effective, along with our current procedures, in containing the spread of COVID 19.  

We at The Cottages understand that not visiting with your loved one is of great concern to you. It is to us as well.  We are thinking outside the box with this topic and as of Sept 21st we have started what’s called a “clean room” for inside visitation during inclement weather and for winter.  This is new and frightening for us because we have worked so very hard to keep this virus out, however we do understand the need of family love.  Please be patient as we work through these changes with the rest of the world in finding the right way to keep our residents, your loved ones, and our staff and their families safe from COVID 19.  Rest assured, every Cottages employee is doing everything they can to lessen the impact this virus has had on all our families.  We ask the same of you if you plan on visiting us.  Please follow our policies and lessen your risk of exposure in the community you live in.  Unfortunately if we have ONE suspected or positive case of COVID 19 we will have to suspend visitation again per DHS and go back to square one. 

The Cottages Visitation Varies by Campus: updated 01/04/21

All facilities open for visitation –  days/times vary – contact facility directly to schedule a time

COVID screening is required prior to entry.  Please allow an extra 10 minutes

✅  OPEN – Lake Park Memory Care 715-201-8920
✅  OPEN – Meadowlands Assisted Living 920-249-5330
✅  OPEN – Meadowlands Memory Care 920-249-5444
✅  OPEN – Golden Pond Assisted Living 715-201-8584
✅  OPEN – Golden Pond Memory Care 715-201-8584

We appreciate all the continued support, prayers and love shown to our staff at The Cottages.  They are truly the heroes in this story.  Tom and I, with the rest of the COVID Team will continue to diligently educate ourselves with the latest innovations and ideas as well as local community and state happenings on COVID 19 pandemic, testing and treatments.  At this time we are in the process of installing UV light air purifiers in our HVAC systems in all buildings for the protection of our staff, residents and visitors. The Cottages is dedicated to providing quality care as well as quality air!

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your family member. It is truly an honor for us.

Cara Peterson
Cottages General Manager

Cottages COVID team: Georgia LaBrosse RN, Tom Kosman Executive Director, Phil Anderson Maintenance & Safety Director, Cara Peterson GM

CDC COVID-19 website

WI DHS COVID-19 website

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