You’re never too old for board games! From classic all-time favorites to creative modern ideas, board games always have been and always will be one of the best ways to have fun! Not only are they fun to play, but their engaging rules and game-play can really work your mind and actually improve your brain health! Here are 5 great board games for seniors to play.


Wooden squares with letters carved into them, on a game board

  1. Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that gets more fun the older you get. It’s also a great chance to show off your knowledge of all those lengthy, bizarre words. In Scrabble, players get to use random letters to create the longest most complex words possible on a sort of crossword-style board. It’s a great way to get your mind working, and to have fun with friends.

 Hands gambling at a poker table

  1. Wits and Wagers

A bit of a lesser-known game, Wits and Wagers is and excellent game for those who like to gamble and take risks. A question is asked, one of which the answer is always a number. The players can make bets on what the number is, but it has to be the closest guess without going over. Whoever gets the closest, can win any amount of money (chips) based on the guesses of other players. This game can last for hours and it never gets old.


Toy battleship in water

  1. Battleship

Battleship is another classic board game where no matter how old you get…it’s still super fun! Played by only two people, battleship is a war-themed game where the players try to guess the location of their opponent’s ships. Each player has to set up their own ships on a ten-by ten grid, and “sink” the other players’ ships before their opponent sinks their own. Battleship so easy to learn, and it’s universally loved.

 Colorful blocks of letters

  1. Word on the Street

Another spelling game, Word on the street is perfect if your looking for a game that’s fast paced and engaging. You can play the game on teams or individually. The object is to come of with words that have as many complex letters in it as possible. All the letters are lined up on the game board, and it’s your team’s job to spell out a word and pull as many letters as possible to your side before your opponent can pull them back. The first team to get 8 letters, wins!

Woman writing a list

  1. Scattergories

If you’re looking for a game that calls for creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, it’s Scattergories. In Scattergories, everyone is given the same letter, and a list of 12 categories. Each player then has 3 minutes to come up with one word for each category, starting with the designated letter. The catch? No repeats. In order to get the point, no one else is allowed to have the same word as you. It’s an amazing game in that each player needs to think outside the box, usually leading to some pretty creative and amusing answers.



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