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Save Your Money, Read This Article!

Do you realize the money you could be saving? If you are around the age of 60 or above nearly all of lives daily expenses offer senior discounts that most people don’t even know about! Below we will quickly summarize how you could be saving money daily at places you probably go to or pass by every day.
First, the fast food and restaurant industry offers a crazy amount of senior discounts at a number of our favorite restaurants. So if you ever want to pop out for a quick bite to eat or a dinner with the family, consider visiting one of these locations
Arby’s is marketing to the young folk, you only have to be 55 to qualify for Arby’s senior discount. Their discount gets you 10% of your order at participating locations. This means it’s not guaranteed at all Arby’s locations, but if your every craving a good sandwich then maybe it’s worth stopping in to check.
– Located in Shawano, WI
IHOP is well known for its discounted prices for young kids and older adults. In fact, IHOP has a special senior menu which has all reduced prices and the meals are smaller portioned than their average meals. I should clarify that these reduced prices do not apply for the normal menu, although, some locations have been known to offer 10% to their senior audience.
– Located in Marinette, WI
Hardee’s offers an array of mouthwatering burger combinations, chicken tenders, deserts, and much more, but they also offer a special discount on beverages to their 65+ club. So if you’re looking for a cheap meal, Hardee’s may be the place to visit. They do specify that this is only offered at participating locations so maybe call ahead and confirm your local Hardee’s offers a special discount.
– Located in Shawano, WI
Taco Bell
Taco Bell is a big name in the food industry and they have some big deals for their senior audience. They do offer a 10% discount per usual, but you also get unlimited free beverages! This is only offered to those 65+, but if you fall in that category then we highly recommend visiting your local Taco Bell!
– Located in Shawano, WI
Well, now that you know how to eat for cheap we can move on to how to dress for cheap. There are a number of clothing stores that offer discounts for older men and women, and below well tell you of some places where you can look good for less.
Kohl’s is a popular midwest chain which sells a variety of things but is majoritively popular for clothing. They have clothes for just about every age range. Kohl’s is a one shop stop for the whole family. Kohl’s offers a 15% discount to all shoppers ages 55+ on Wednesday’s. So if your 55 or above with a free Wednesday coming up, consider stopping by your local Kohl’s.
– Located in Marinette, WI
Walgreens offers a good discount to their older audience but just on their monthly “senior day”. Once every month Walgreens has a day they call Senior Day which is when anyone 55 years old or older gets a discount, although the amount of the discount varies depending on the location. Everyone can find something at a Walgreens they either need or just flat out want, so if there’s a spare second in your schedule consider checking out your nearest Walgreens.
– Located in Marinette, WI
If your not one to shy away from lightly used clothing or material items, then Goodwill may be the place for you! Goodwill is a thrift store chain that takes and sells donated items for cheap cheap prices. Every Tuesday is senior saving day for those 60+ at goodwill. On Tuesday Seniors receive a 10% discount on items which are already cheaper than most stores! So if you’re looking for a nice way to save some cash, think about taking a look at your local goodwill!
– Located in Shawano
Retired or not, traveling even within your own state can be expensive, but if you’re around the age of 60 it can be a little cheaper. Many hotel and motel chains offer pretty generous discounts to their senior audience. So if your planning on doing any traveling or roaming soon take a look below on where you get the best for your buck.
Holiday Inn
Hotel Inn is a successful hotel chain with over 3,600 hotels in just about 100 countries! Senior discounts are offered on the non-discounted room rate at any participating hotel. To qualify for these discounts you must be at least 62+ years or show valid membership ID of a retired persons organization. The Discount amount ranges from 10%-20% so it could take a small amount out of the traveling expenses and put it back into your pocket!
– Located in Shawano, Oconto, and Marinette
Avis Car Rental
Besides a place to spend the night driving from location to location can hike up the traveling expenses greatly. Whether it’s your car or a rental, a vehicle is quite the expense. That being said if you are an AARP member the expense can be 25% cheaper. Avis car rental offers a 25% discount on rentals for those who can provide proof of an AARP membership!
– Located in Marinette, WI
Best Western
For best western questions 55+ there could be up to a 15% discount on your room. This is of course not offered at every best western and can vary depending on the availability of the hotel, but most of the franchises 4,200+ hotels offer some sort of discount to their senior guests. Be ready to provide proof of age, but if you pass the age test, then you will be saving some quick cash on your trip!
– Located in Marinette, WI
Comfort Inn
Choice Hotels offers Senior Discounts members a 20%-30% savings at their more than 3,500 hotels across the country. Comfort Inn is a part of the Choice Hotel Franchise. This means that the same discount offered at Comfort Inn’s are offered at all other hotel chains owned by Choice Hotel. These same senior discounts are offered at Comfort Suites, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion, MainStay Suites, Econo Lodge, or Rodeway Inn, and of course Comfort Inns. S0 if your 50+ and happen to stumble into one of these hotels on your journey, Consider stopping in and asking about their senior discount policy.
– Located in Shawano, Oconto, and Marinette
Now that you know how to save on the necessities, there are a number of places that offer senior discounts that don’t technically fall under a certain category. Below will be a quick collection of miscellaneous places you could potentially save some money.
Verizon has a special offer for those 55 and up. With this senior discount, you’ll Get unlimited on America’s most reliable network for just $80/mo for 2 lines. Not much to expand on there, but these perks may be worth switching providers.
– Located in Marinette and Shawano
Getting old doesn’t mean the fun has got to end. A great way to keep yourself feeling young is attending some concerts and live events. If that idea seems intriguing to you consider purchasing your tickets from Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster offers a 25% or more discount on tickets purchased in sets of 4 to AARP members only. So grab your friends for a night out on the town, and party like you never aged past 21.
– Located wherever you purchase a ticket too.
UPS Stores
UPS stores are very generous with their senior discount. Although the discount varies by location, if you can provide proof of an AARP membership there is a benefit of some kind. The most common discount given is 15% off eligible products and services and 5% off domestic and international UPS shipping services. So if you are a frequent package sender and receiver, this is a sweet discount you should definitely look into!
– Located in Marinette, WI
As I’m hoping this showed, there are a number of places we visit in our day to day life that offer discounts many of us didn’t know about. It may not seem like a lot at first, but shopping with these discounts could end up saving you a hefty amount of money in the long run!

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