Memory Care FAQs

What is Dementia Care?
Dementia care is provided by professional staff that are well trained in caring for, approaching, conversing and understanding those who have dementia. The most common form being Alzheimer’s Disease. A Dementia Care facility will also teach the family about the disease and help them in understanding how to communicate more effectively.
Is a diagnosis of dementia required to live at The Cottages Memory Care?
No. However,  an in-person assessment can determined if the Memory Care or Assisted Living Apartments are the best environment for your loved one.   The Cottages offers both living arrangements.
What makes The Cottages Memory Care different than other assisted living facilities? 
The Cottages Memory Care only serves those with memory difficulties. Our staff are required to have additional education on dementia and are highly trained in the specifics of caring for an individual with behaviors or personalities that come along with the disease.  By serving all with memory problems we are able to maintain our Residents dignity and pride even when faced with the battle of the disease.
What are your rates?
Rates are based on a number of factors from your loved ones physical, emotional, and cognitive needs.  The more information we have about your loved one, the more accurate we can be in quoting you a rate. The Cottages Memory Care offers 3 Levels of Care to reflect dementia progression.
Do you work with Medicare? 
Medicare does not cover the actual stay in assisting living facilities.  Medicare or supplemental insurance may help cover other costs such as medications and durable medical equipment you may need. Medicare does cover therapy, temporary skilled nursing needs or Hospice care in assisted living.
What happens when I run out of money?
We do work with Family Care; Medicaid’s LTC plan for reimbursing Assisted Living for care.  This topic is highly complex and as a result we recommend talking to a member of the Management Team about your specific financial situation.
Do you have visiting hours? 
No we do not; family and friends can visit at any time.
Can we decorate the room; hang pictures, etc? 
Yes, and we encourage that.  We find that the more the room looks like home; the more the resident living there feels like they are home .   It also helps significantly in lessening the adjustment time to new surroundings.
​Do you have a Dr that visits the Memory Care? 
Yes, we have several that come to see their patients at Memory Care. We can give you a list of those upon meeting with you.

What activities do you offer and how often?  When do we know it is time for Memory Care?

Our  Activity Directors specialize in creating fun, entertaining and meaningful activities for our residents.  Activities vary from range of motion exercises every morning to singing, small crafts, baking, puzzles, games, etc. We are a certified Music & Memory facility that encourages laughter and happiness through all kinds of music to spark memories.  While the Activity Director sets up our activities and does facilitate most of them; our Care staff also actively participates in engaging our residents in these activities throughout the day.

Can we bring pets to visit? 
Yes, pets are always welcome at the Cottages.  We just ask that they are either leashed upon entry or anytime they are in one of our common areas.  In the specific apartments; your pets can roam as you wish them to.