Memory Care Information for the Family

Memory Care: Information for Family Members


Selecting the right care setting can be difficult.


Our goal is to make the choice simple.


In 2018, it has been estimated by the Alzheimer’s Association that 5.8 million people are living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. The Cottages Memory Care facilities are dedicated to providing the individual care that is required for someone with dementia.

The Cottages treats a whole person, not a patient. We ask caregivers and family members to help familiarize us with new Residents by filling out a “Who I Am” sheet which includes information like their place of birth, childhood memories, family stories, favorite hobbies, occupation, likes, dislikes, and morning and evening routines.This information helps to provide insights into the person’s preferences and routines which will help The Cottages Caregivers do a Plan of Care for the Resident.

Understanding fears and things our Residents love is greatly important. Many times Residents will pull memories from childhood or early hobbies or activities they loved to do. They may go back to wanting to do them – that’s ok. Professionally-trained Caregivers believe that it’s important to understand their Residents’ current world and what they are experiencing now.

Through this practice, we can try to give each Resident some peace of mind and a feeling of safety in a non-judgemental environment. All family information is confidential, regardless of content.

If possible, the person with dementia should be involved in their care planning. As the disease progresses, the person’s needs will change and, and in some cases, a particular type of care may no longer be suitable. As this occurs, the care plan will also change.

The Cottages staff is here for your family. We offer you support and help you understand ways to communicate and spend quality time with your loved one. You will be able to leave them with us knowing they are living in a safe, secure, and loving environment.

How Do We Know When It’s Time?

Although some families are able to care for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia, it may come to a point where home care is unmanageable and unaffordable.

Some questions when deciding if the time is right for your loved one include:

  • Have accidents occurred with appliances in the home such as forgetting to turn a stove or oven off?
  • In the event of a fire, do you feel your loved one would follow appropriate emergency measures including calling 9-1-1 and leaving the premises?
  • Has your loved one gotten lost or unable to remember personal information such as address or a contact phone number that enable them to return home? Has he/she gotten lost while on a walk or running errands?
  • As the caregiver, is your health at risk, are you missing a lot of work or are unable to manage other responsibilities? Do you have support to care for your loved one?
  • Is the amount of home care assistance needed in the near future likely to become so great that it is not an option for your family?

Our Checklist will help you determine if it’s time to consider a visit to The Cottages Memory Care. If you suspect that someone you love is suffering from a form of dementia, contact your primary care physician for a screening. Then Contact Us. We will help them live the life they deserve.